September 6, 2011

I went to bed about 2 hours too late last night for no good reason, but I dutifully set my alarm for 6. I had a long list of small tasks I wanted to do in the morning, and “Be at work by 7:30” was one of them.

I woke up at 6, and shut off the iPad alarm. And the iPhone alarm. And then I, apparently, promptly fell back asleep. Because I woke up at 7:14, listening to NPR on the radio alarm, and wondering why it wasn’t darker in my bedroom. Guh.

So. Shower, breakfast, pack lunch, get dressed, and go to work. That’s about half of what I wanted to get done. Unfortunately, one of the things that slipped off the list due to oversleeping was yoga/tai chi/meditation. Which is too bad, because I currently have this weird spasm under my left shoulder blade. It hurts worse when I sit up straight, which seems oddly counter-productive. I brought a good lunch today, but it’s heavy on raw veggies and light on … everything else. And what I really want right now is, like, a grilled cheese. Or mac and cheese. If only it were Friday. They have mac and cheese on Fridays.


But it’s not Friday. Instead, it’s a Tuesday that’s a Monday. I have a 48-item to-do list, a faculty member making a challenging request that could set precedent if I accede, a personnel issue that’s like nothing so much as a bizarre communication rectangle that needs to have all the corners meet in the middle, an affirmation from my boss that A Potential Big Problem that I identified a few weeks ago appears to be A Potential Big Problem to her, as well, and a sexual harrassment complaint amongst several student workers brought to their rookie supervisor (nothing like learning about fire by sticking your hand in the flames).

So. To sum up: Cucumbers and hummus are not grilled cheese, my musculoskeletal system can bite me, I need a fourth alarm clock, and I’m management. Welcome to September.

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