It’s autumn.


I really love autumn.

The trees change color, the air crisps up, everything smells sweet and dry and clean.

My boyfriend once said that October is when he can clear his head and really think about life. I feel the same. He’s moving in sometime in the next ten days, and I need to sit down and spend my weekend organizing and cleaning the house so that there’s somewhere for him to move in to. My brain could use the same treatment.  So I have plans for some escape into Mass Effect 2 — while Shepherd’s saving the galaxy, I’ll try to release some of my own concerns. I have plans to go for a walk down Pleasant Valley to check on the trees, see what’s turning orange, and maybe think about what’s next for me this fall. And I have plans for mastering the arm part of my current Tai Chi lesson, so that I don’t feel so foolish at Monday’s class, and while I’m at it maybe I can find my center.

Autumn. Change. Crisp. Clean. Progress.


Yes, please.

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