new tech, old tech

I’m now the proud owner of an iPhone 5, in an unintentionally 80’s colored Otterbox case. The iPhone 5 is because my iPhone 3G was 4 years old, slowing down, unable to upgrade its OS, and beginning to go glitchy. The Otterbox is because while my iPhone 3G was 4 years old and still worked, that was not because I was so very careful with it… it’s because I was damn lucky. I dropped it on the floor (accidentally), I flung it across the car (accidentally), I threw it on the floor (accidentally), I tucked it into my bodice straps while larping, I dunked it in a puddle of dishsoap (accidentally), I threw it in my purse and just hoped for the best. And it lived. Forever.


Apple detractors complain at times about the rapid product cycle, with a Big! New! Thing! coming out every year or 8 months or 6 months or whatever. They complain that we live in a constant upgrade economy.

Some days, I don’t argue. I think we’ve become amazingly disposable in our perspectives. But other days… Other days I look at my 4 year old iPhone 3G, still chugging along, a little less willing to load the Twitter app but perfectly capable of running MyFitnessPal, and wonder when I’ll see this disposable culture I’m supposed to be living in.

In any case, I like my new phone. I’m having fun. Let’s see how many years I can get out of this one.


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