to do

I need to get this all out of my head before I go crazy trying to keep it all in order:

  • Return the five pairs of shoes to Zappos.
  • Return that dress to ModCloth.
  • Finish unpacking and putting away suitcases.
  • Pick out dates for Australia and buy tickets.
  • Edit and upload Deb and Marty’s wedding pictures.
  • Sort, wash, fold, and put away about 8 loads of laundry. (Delegated to Justin, who is a Very Nice Man)
  • Go buy Justin’s last birthday gift and wrap ’em.
  • Make sure we have ingredients for Lemon Birthday Cake.
  • Pay the medical bills from the last two months.
  • Reorganize my loan payment due dates so that I’m not cash-less for two weeks of every month and cash-full the rest.
  • Spray paint the second shutter red for the kitchen catbox wall.
  • Spray paint the second bedroom lamp blue to match the first one.
  • Do a bunch of KoN tasks.
  • Make appointments with an allergist and a dermatologist.
  • Make sure my annual with my GP is scheduled.
  • Go grocery shopping.
  • Clean out the indoor and outdoor fridges.
  • Get the car inspected.
  • Check on Baby Rexroat’s arrival.
  • Knit Justin’s slippers as promised.
  • Write three separate blog posts for AE.
  • Finish the .epub of Killing Fear.
  • Connect with folks re: NYLA panel.
  • Update 2nd NYLA presentation from ALA slides.
  • Assess state of joint checking account and my direct deposit schedule and make adjustments.
  • Order contacts for me (and Justin?).
  • Acquire new yoga pants.
  • Schedule a dentist appointment.
  • Clean the master bathroom.
  • Swap out fall and winter coats.
  • Winterize car.
  • Buy AppleCare for iPhone.
  • Stop at Walgreens for Excedrin.
  • Restock snack drawer in office.

Mostly I just need to get up and take a shower now.

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