Wk 1, Day 5

Upper Body Tone and Stretch

This is a repeat of the first part of day 1, and I did better this time. Modifying to knee pushups meant I could get through all the sets, and I made it to the end of all the tricep sets, though, wow, still JUST BARELY.

Core and Gluteal

BWAHAHAHAHA. These people are sadists, but they’re so cheerful about it I can’t hold it against them. Fred, at one point, after asking that I do that thing male gymnasts do where they hold their whole body weight up on their arms on the parallel bars, and point their legs straight out in front of them, said, “You’ll work up to it.” A girl can dream… and keep dreaming.

But I did it. Modified, shortened a few sets, but I did it.

I also came downstairs to do this at 9 at night, because I didn’t do it earlier today, and because I took yesterday off as a sick day. I’m proud of myself. Somebody give the girl a cookie. Oh, wait. I ate a cookie earlier. Look! I earned my cookie!

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