Wk 1, Day 7

And that’s the end of Week 1. It took me 9 days instead of 7, but I did it in a reasonable amount of time. Go me.

Qi Gong Hip Openers

Relatively easy and satisfying — mostly whole-body work and some truly excellent hip opening stretches, which, with my current battle against my psoas, is awesome.

Sun Salutations Pt 1

This is a repeat from day 1, and it’s a bunch of fast sun salutations and Warrior 1, with extra pushups thrown in on every plank and some balance work. My right foot did better on the Figure 4 balances than it did on day 1. Here’s to hoping that this project helps rehabilitate my damaged tendon, and the side effects of 4 months of limping on a swollen foot, even further.

Tomorrow starts Week 2: Cardio. Good thing today left me feeling capable, because man, Cardio is truly my nemesis.

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