Wk2, Day 2

If I felt like adding a layer of humility to all of this, I’d record my breathing right now. Alas, I do not. This isn’t a phase of my fitness that needs to be recorded in anything other than words.

Energy Moves — easy peasy. Good full-body work, reminiscent again of the Qi Gong warmups we did in Tai Chi. Felt great, got me warm, started my breathing.

But then we moved on to Jump Backs Part 1. Envision: take a weighted medicine ball in both hands. Raise it overhead. Bring it down to the floor with bent knees. Put your hands on the ball and step (me) or jump (them) back into pushup pose with your hands on the ball in front of you. Then jump/step back, bend your knees, and raise the ball overhead. Now repeat 7 more times. And intersperse it with sets of pushups, lunges, and dips.

Whoosh. I did all the modifications — knee pushups instead of full ones, knee planks when we were doing active motions. But I did it all, modified or not. I didn’t quit. I count these things as personal triumphs, these not quitting days.

Not quitting.


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