stress, and Wk 2 Day 4

Today I had the kind of day that had me thinking, “I could just eat this whole chocolate bar. And there’s a bottle of wine in the fridge, I could open that when I get home. And mashed potatoes would be brilliant with meatloaf.”

I treat stress by consuming things to feed it, soothe it, sedate it. Well, I usually treat stress that way.

Instead, today I meditated for 20 minutes in my office at lunchtime (using a nice little app called Simply Being on my ipad), and I ate two squares of the chocolate bar. Though I did indeed make meatloaf when I got home, I also put seasoned cauliflower in the pan to roast with it and chopped a bunch of veggies to saute right before the oven meal finishes.

And then I went downstairs and did Week 2, Day 4: Cardio Flex and Power Flow.

Cardio Flex I did earlier in the week, and it’s adapted yoga and Qi Gong moves, with added weights in some places. I can totally do it, though it’s still hard on my muscles and gets my heart rate up. Because it feels familiar to me (yoga! woo!), I actually enjoy it.

Then came Power Flow, at which point I began to look and feel like an idiot. Right leg back, arms up, move your arms, knee in… wait. What? I stopped, and stared, and fumbled. I got it by the end, but man, I am BAD at this sort of thing. I just plainly suck at traditional aerobics. These sets were interspersed with sets of about 25-50 running planks. Which, it seems, I can do pretty easily as long as I’m letting my butt come up. Okay, fine. That’s how we’ll do it now. I’ll aim for getting my back flatter over time.

Again, I did all of it, though I did cut the last few sets of leg lifts short — halved them — because my right hip and ankle weren’t having it. But that’s okay. I’ll get better at it.

Tomorrow’s second segment is called Power Sweat. I’m terrified. šŸ™‚

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