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Fridays are your friend

Wrote a long professional blog post about work-life balance. Most days I feel like I have it… some days not. Today I wonder when I’m going to find/make time to hang out with my friends, knit the baby gifts I have on the needles, write my Christmas thank you notes and mail photos to my grandmother, finish Justin’s slippers and hat, deal with the Life Checklist thing I discovered recently, sort and pay the medical bills, and on, and on, and on…

Ah, well. So be it. I’ll go home after work, make broiled salmon and steamed veggies with wild rice for dinner, and go do more of Workout Hell. If we decide to watch tv together, I’ll also work on knitting projects. If we don’t, I’ll tackle some paperwork. It all comes out in the end.

But it does feel like an awfully heavy weight, sometimes, to manage the details of making it come out.

In other news, the last two days of Week 2 of Workout Hell were hard hard hard. I didn’t write about Day 6, because it generally sucked and I promptly went upstairs and got back in bed: I felt uncoordinated, had no energy, and was confused and frustrated and tired. That might have been me more than the routine, but I’m not so sure. Day 7 was better; less swinging body movement, so I felt like less of an idiot, more yoga-based strength poses. I was able to do all the things, and only gave up in the first half of the day on the last half of the last sets, dropping from 8 to 4, which is progress from the first time I did this segment in Week 1. The second half of the program was the Curl section, doing tons of ab work. Harder than hell, and I followed Modification Girl the whole way, because I just don’t have the core strength not to. Today is the start of another week of Strength, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m interested to see how long it takes before I can do all the sets, full counts, no modifications, on the upper body sections. I’d like to have a functional upper body!

Also, these are my favorite boots, not counting my $400 Son of Sandlar larp boots:

Someday I’ll take a picture of the Son of Sandlar boots, but for now, have an image of my battered, fire-melted $50 Target knockoffs of classic Frye harness boots.

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