Week 3, Day 5

Wow. Okay, so today I only did half. For the first time. 17 days before I said “oh, hell no.” I can work with that. Today my quads were burning, I couldn’t breathe, and it’s less than 0F outside today, so the basement is cold. These are useful excuses.

I did the 10 minutes of cardio flow, or whatever they call it — sun salutations with pushups in the plank slot, and active lunges on the Warrior 1 part. Heart rate up, breathing up, and lots of trembling muscles.

But when they wanted me to do the chair work again, which is all quads and glutes, I just said no. I tried the first set, and I just can’t. Something about today isn’t working.

So. 10 minutes today.

However, I did do 7 assisted pullups this morning before my muscles gave out. New record!

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