Back to the grind

I went back to work on Thursday, today was back on the treadmill day. I’m planning on using the treadmill and weights and core work until I have cataract surgery on the 4th, then back to the Exercise Hell DVD once I’m cleared by the doctor for that. I walked 6-10 miles a day while I was in Australia, not in an intensive “exercise-y” way, but it was sustained exercise that kept my energy up and weight pretty stable, considering I was in Eat On Vacation mode. As boring as intentional cardio is, outside of an active lifestyle, it works.

I just have to find a way to make it work for me, in my daily life. So today I walked for half an hour, doing arm exercises with a medicine ball all the while. Turns out that I can walk pretty endlessly on a treadmill if I have something else to do. Listening to an audiobook isn’t enough; I just stare at the time clicking over and the distance climbing and get resentful that it isn’t going fast enough, and then I miss parts of the story because I’m busy being mad at the slow passage of time. This is not how I want to live ANY part of my life.

But if I’m doing bicep curls with a 4 lb medicine ball and listening to an audiobook… I don’t care that I’m walking in one place. So I’m coming up with creative arm things I can do with that freakin’ ball, and filling my time with arm exercises so that when the treadmill clicks to 30:00, I’m not furious that it took so long for half an hour to go by.

(Conquering your own idiotic brain: Life’s ongoing joy.)

And it felt good. Really good. Okay, then.

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  1. I’ve been surprised by how quickly the time passes when I’m walking the track at the gym. Sure, listening to podcasts helps, but even when I don’t have my iPod, it still passes quickly because I get to watch the people on the basketball courts or the really amazing runners going past me. When I went last night to get in the last few thousand steps for the day’s goal, I had the pleasure of watching a pick-up volleyball game, an indoor soccer game, and several groups of hoop shooters, depending on which part of the track I was on at the time. During busy times, I can also admire folks on the rowing machines or doing body-weight strength training in the nooks along the sides of the track as I pass by. I find the whole thing to be rather inspiring.


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