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so when can I start exercising again?

Next week is the answer. The eye doc and his nurse were chuckling in the hall after I asked that — “not the kind of question we get very often!” was the comment I overheard. Yup. I know. But it matters to me!

Part of why it matters is that this morning the scale inexplicably said 168, which is my current-in-recent-history low, which makes no sense given that I’m eating all the things and not exercising at all, minus one 30 minute treadmill stint on Sunday. But okay, cool, I’ll take it.

The other part of why it matters is that I have the worst back spasm I’ve had in ages, right now. Oi. Ow. Ack. I’m alternating, for the last 36 hours, between having an active trigger point migraine, having pins-and-needles tingles in my radial and ulnar nerve fingers (but rarely both at the same time) on both hands (sometimes both at the same time), pins-and-needles in my nose (SUPER BIZARRE FEELING, wtf, body?), pins-and-needles in my right foot (again, wtf, body?) and an active spasm in my mid-right back, below my shoulderblade. And all the muscles of my neck are tight like iron cord. I am not a happy camper.

It’s dispiriting in part because A) I recognize this problem and B) I’ve been feeling really good for, honestly, months. I made it through the Australia travel and walking and snorkeling with really minimal pain, and I felt good about that. I’ve been intentionally staying flexible and agile but also building strength — the Exercise Hell DVD is a mix of yoga, pilates, and full-body strength training — and figuring that I’m getting my cardio through the fact that all of that’s HARD for me. And full-body strength builds balance across all my muscle groups, and that balance means less muscle tension caused by joint instability unevenly supported. It’s a great plan, and it was totally working.

Except now, right now, post-op, all I’m left with is light cardio. I hate light cardio. Even when I go for walks after work in nice weather, I’m inclined to do 4 or 5 miles. 30 minutes on a treadmill? Bleck.

And my back is in spasm. I can’t help but think that these two things are related. I spend 10 days being uber-lazy (RESTING!), and my body falls apart.

So. I want to get back to this thing. One week, they say. Next Monday, they say. Okay, then. Next Monday it is. Back at it, with Week One Day One of Exercise Hell. Let’s do this thing. (again.)

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