Sunday(ish) kitchen

Today’s Sunday(ish) Kitchen:

  • washed and cut carrot sticks, celery sticks, and cauliflower
  • turned a pear, a kiwi, the last of the pineapple from last week, a banana, and a mango into fruit salad
  • made a double batch of Dorothy’s mac and cheese, adding bacon to all of it and peas to the half going into the freezer
  • marinated and grilled pork shoulder (this is all gone; yay, successful dinner)
  • chopped zucchini, yellow pepper, and asparagus, added corn, and seasoned them with Penzey’s mural of flavor, then grilled
  • pulled out a beef roast to defrost

The plan for the week is that Justin has leftovers, fixings for sandwiches, cans of soup, and fruit for his lunches, and I have easy access to pre-washed and cut veggies, hummus, cheese, yogurt, and fruit for my lunches. I might also hard boil some eggs, and make muffins tomorrow while the roast is doing its thing.

Dinners this week will include:

  • beef roast with corn casserole, green beans, and mushrooms
  • italian sausage and lentil stew
  • at least one night of grilling sausages and hot dogs with leftover side dishes from other nights
  • probably a giant salad in there somewhere

Breakfast for me is still up in the air. I have yogurt and Jezmynne’s spiced vanilla pear butter, which are fantastic together, and I might make a batch of mixed-grain “oatmeal” in the crockpot tonight. We’ll see. I have options.

I get great satisfaction out of doing this kind of housework. The dishes afterwards, not so much, but the cooking? Absolutely.

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