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Today I was a giant ball of hormones. I started to cry when I told Justin how stressed out I was by, get this, going to get gas for both cars at the same time. Yes, some logistics involved, but not a crisis worthy of tears. And I was nauseated and my back ached and ohpleaseIjustwanttofeelfunctional. Too much to ask? Too much to ask.

Fortunately Justin gets it. He kissed me, took the SUV for gas, turned in the recycling, and suggested we reschedule our trip to Massena until tomorrow. Then he put the XBox controller in my hand and left me alone. I played video games, took a shower, and sprawled on the couch to work, feeling miserable.  It worked. I can cope with miserable if I also feel supported and loved, and I can cope with my own feelings of useless if I know no one minds.

But seriously, dude. Hormones. What the hell.


  1. Mary Carmen

    Yup. I spent most of Thursday and Friday crying at the drop of a hat. Everything from “my body looks disgusting” to “My body hurts all over.” Hormones are awesome.

  2. Kelly

    So nice to have company in my misery. Friday I cried during a conversation whenever my companion said anything complementary. Couldn’t stop. Hate these hormones.

  3. Poor Jenica! I remember them well. It’s always easier with an understanding partner and Justin sounds like a gem. I can’t imagine having made it through the pregnancy (and hormone insanity both during and after) without Adam. Best to you both.


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