Just fine

Just woke up to a quiet gray morning. Last night we slept in our tent in the rain – under a lean-to, dry and warm and happy. The perfect vacation for us. Steak and zucchini for dinner, cider for Justin, endless water for me. Lovely woods.

we also saw the specialist OB in Burlington yesterday. Learned a lot; a woman’s pre-eclampsia risk ‘is what it is’ and nothing we do changes that, so they’ll just monitor my (well-controlled) blood pressure regularly. No reason to worry, says Dr. McLean. My doc in Potsdam is doing it all right, and I seem healthy. And then we ran into Kelly at the grocery store in Manchester and she said it looks like a baby bump, not just fat. That was nice to hear. 🙂 (because my pants surely don’t fit.)

So, all in all, a nice day. Lets get married, or something.

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