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Missives from the first trimester, Four

Private journal again.

August 3.

I woke up with a headache today and desperately want to pound some Excedrin and coffee. Instead, I’ll remember that I heard a heartbeat yesterday at the OB, and make a fruit smoothie and go walk on the treadmill.

It’s just an interesting challenge to consider that my body – which is full of challenges to start with – is now also responsible for another human. I dunno. Can we do this, my brain and my body? I guess we can. We can keep trying, for sure. I started a new, more aggressive blood pressure med yesterday, since mine was high when we got to the OB appointment. I didn’t think to tell the nurse that Justin and I had been arguing on the way over, which was undoubtedly part of it. Now, today, at home, with the first dose of labetalol in my system, I’m good and low – 104/79. So we’ll see. I’d rather not have pre-eclampsia. That thought terrifies me. And today I get to do a 24 hour urine collection for testing, also for pre-eclampsia. Charming. Never say my life isn’t full of new experiences.

August 6

Today I was not nauseated at all. I feel like I won the lottery. 11weeks, 5 days. Ta da!

August 9

Visiting Liza and Betsy and Molly and Mark. Feeling very human, almost normal. Justin says “the parasite has adjusted its environment and settled in.” Pretty much…

I drove the 7 hours alone, and did pretty ok. I stopped for a 15 minute nap, which was both awesome and effective, and got here just fine. Another triumph of normalcy over pregnancy.

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