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rambling on from another hotel room

And lo, the cycle of business travel begins again. This week it’s Albany for a SUNY Council of Library Directors meeting. Next week, nothing, but the week after it’s Niagara Falls for the New York Library Association conference. After that in early October comes another SCLD meeting downstate, then after that in mid-October back to Albany for a statewide library infrastructure meeting about information resources for NY libraries. And then in early November it’s Charleston, SC for the Charleston Conference. Then I’m done until after I have a baby, except for the meetings that are directly job-related that will inevitably pop up unexpectedly. My job requires surprising amounts of mileage. At least only one of them requires flying.

But for now, here I am in another Hilton Garden Inn. They’re nice hotels, if boring. This one looks precisely like the one in Salt Lake City, which is a little eerie, but I figure they were remodeled at precisely the same time. At least you know what they’re selling? And it’s super-conveniently basically across the street from SUNY Albany, where my meeting is. Which is good, because man, do I hate Albany. Always have, and haven’t found my reason not to, yet. Every now and then I wonder if sometime in my future there’s some role in Albany at SUNY administration, and then I think, “Except it’s in Albany.” Which is sort of a deal-killer for that particular musing.

And so I’m sprawled on a pile of pillows on a queen-sized bed with no cheerful bearded man next to me, no fluffy cat snoring next to me, and all sorts of ambient noise that isn’t my ambient noise pushing at my head. The refrigerator, the AC, the noise from the hall, the noise from outside… I can tune out the noise of traffic at home, but here… it’s all weird.

Also, pregnant. I had to figure out what to pack for this trip — I’m just here for a 5 hour meeting tomorrow, with other library directors who form an executive board with me, and usually I know what to wear for that, but nothing fits. I went through my closet today and put away all my clean laundry, and pulled out all the pants and skirts that don’t fit anymore. Pulled out all the tight shirts not made of stretchy fabric. Pulled out all the dresses that don’t have give or wraps to them. Seriously cut the list down, and reduces my options. I’m not used to having reduced options. Of all the challenges I’ve ever had in my professional life, not having something to wear has never been one of them. So that was interesting.

As was driving four hours to Albany. I had an audiobook, and the Toyota with its AC and good cruise control, and snacks, but man, it was hard. I wanted a nap about six times. I ate Starburst instead. (Hey, baby: learn to like candy.) I’m also having an interesting collection of random but normal 2nd trimester pains, so those are distracting and vaguely annoying while driving. I mean, there’s not a thing I can do about them, but when I’m driving I can do even less. Anyway. I got here. I have a dress and boots in a suitcase. I’m across the street from where I’m going. This bed is pretty comfy. I’ll be home for bedtime tomorrow. I’ll be in my office on Thursday. And I’ll do it all again in 2 weeks.


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