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24.5 weeks

Today on the airplane I tried to get my laptop from under the seat in front of me and actually couldn’t bend at an acute enough angle to put my fingers on the floor. As up to this point in my life I’ve always been Mistress Bendypants, this was … stunning. Baffling. Annoying.

At dinner all I wanted was a damned beer to go with my giant feast of fried seafood and southern sides.

Walking the half mile back from dinner, I got a cramp in my lower abs like I’ve never felt before — it stopped when I went into Williams-Sonoma to stand more still and look at cooking porn (all that Le Creuset in one place!), but as soon as I started walking, it came back. I just powered through to the hotel.

Lying on my hotel room bed, editing tomorrow’s talk, my laptop keeps bouncing. Seems the Tiniest Capen doesn’t like having my uterus compressed, and is fighting back. This is apparently an imposition… on both of us.

But none of that takes away from my joy. It’s just an adjustment.** It’s totally interesting. I’m enjoying the process, and what it demands of me, and how I’m adapting to meet those needs. It’s like a science experiment with my life.

It’s pretty damned cool.

**And, please, yes, I KNOW that the adjustments only keep coming from here. I intend to enjoy and learn from those as well. Continuing to comment on the fact that IT ONLY GETS WORSE FROM HERE makes me feel like I’m being lectured.


  1. Molly

    I clearly remember bumping into myself in a mirror, belly to belly, and the first time ever I could not get out of a car, parked too close to a wall. Ah, yes, and the shoelaces thing. These are fond memories, as are the memories of nursing in the heart of the night. I miss babies in my life, and one of the best things I’ve done for myself in the past few years is begin to teach little children again. Have you ever read the book The Magic Years? It’s about early childhood. These really are the magic years.

  2. I saw pregnancy & subsequent child rearing as a series of letting go of things I always felt that I needed to control and manage. Part of this journey, for me, has been learning new ways of being flexible & accepting that the priorities are no longer established by me alone.

  3. As a non-pregnant yet not-so-bendy person, I leave the laptop in my backpack, which I’ve learned how to slide and lift with my feet just enough to grab from under the seat. You might try that on the return trip if you still feel the need to work at that point. Otherwise, it’s a great time for a nap.


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