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My day in review, looking back from 3pm

Bad things:

  • I dislike waking up at 4 am.
  • I dislike waking up at 4 am with the worst leg cramp of my entire life, which, I will note, was unprovoked, as I was ASLEEP when it happened.
  • I dislike waking up at 6 am.
  • On principle.
  • I dislike 8 am meetings.
  • On principle.
  • I dislike 8 am meetings on days when I feel like I got hit by a pregnancy truck, and that truck woke up the creature that’s kicking me in the bladder during said 8 am meeting.
  • I forgot I had a cup of coffee and it got cold before I could drink it. Because it was 8 am.
  • The part of the 8 am meeting I needed to contribute to started at 8:50 and I was supposed to be in another meeting in a different building at 9.
  • I was in meetings from 8-10:45 without a break.
  • I may have (through no fault of my own) double budgeted one of my fund lines.
  • My OB is unthrilled with my blood pressure.
  • A vendor was so crappy to me on the phone that I actually hung up on him.
  • I had to get short and aggressive with another vendor in order to get the information promised to me last week sent to me by the end of the day today, several days late.
  • My planning on that project is way off target as a result.
  • My friend’s dog died earlier this week and she just posted it on Facebook and it sucks.
  • All I ever write about anymore is complaints about vendors, because ohmygod they’ve taken over my life.
  • The dog has busted out of his cage a half dozen times and Justin has been forced to resort to zip-tying him in. This is not a long-term solution.

Good things:

  • We had just enough cream cheese left for me to have a very satisfying breakfast.
  • My dog is awesome.
  • My cat was not licking the soap this morning.
  • My choice to buy a strawberry croissant was awesome (if ultimately ineffective at combating pregnancy exhaustion).
  • All of my meetings with people who work in my library were pretty great in terms of their attitudes, work, and progress on interesting stuff.
  • My husband took me out to lunch because my stress levels weren’t really appropriate for anyone and maybe some Pad Thai will help?
  • It helped.
  • Malcolm could not thwart the zip ties.
  • I had the opportunity to stand up for one of my employees when a vendor was being a whiny shithead.
  • I actually got my response from the hotel vendor dude after I got in his face about the late thing.
  • The librarian at another SUNY upon whom I was counting to step up and take over some abandoned responsibilities so I don’t have to (because I can’t, because 6 months pregnant) has done so, graciously.
  • I can maybe see the light at the end of this tunnel.
  • I’ve decided to burn a few hours of sick time and go home and take a nap.

Bad and good. Good and bad. Life goes on.

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