The Tiniest Capen

Captain Kickypants

I was in Albany today, running a day-long meeting about Open SUNY for 70 librarians. It was beyond tiring, given the 29 weeks pregnant thing, but it went really well. Really well. At 3:30, I packed my stuff up in the ballroom at the Hilton, poured myself into the CR-V, put on an audiobook, and started driving. I made it out of the Albany traffic without incident, stopped for Chipotle and a donut, and headed further north.

In Warrensburg, the fog hit. 45 miles an hour through the Adirondacks? Safe, but slooooooow and I want to go hooooooooome. And after an hour of that, somewhere around Indian Lake, I thought I was going to fall asleep, which would be remarkably bad. So I started thinking about where I could pause for a nap… and then I knew. I stopped at the Indian Lake public library parking lot (one of my favorite little places; the library has open public wifi in a cell phone dead zone, bless their hearts). As I said to Justin, I could think of few places safer than the parking lot between a public library and a town hall in a tiny town in the Adirondacks at 6 pm… I set the alarm on my phone for 30 minutes, locked the doors, reclined my seat, and draped a sweater over myself… and promptly fell asleep.

I woke up 24 minutes later when the car cooled off, feeling better, except there was a sweaty place on my ribs where I had folded my hands when I fell asleep. So I moved them, and started adjusting my clothes, and immediately I got kicked in *precisely* the spot where my hands had been.

Apparently, someone had been very happy with our nap position, and I was disrupting things.

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