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It’s amazing what some sleep and less worry can do. Justin is feeling better, after a very slow recovery from very bad gastroenteritis, so I’m far less worried – and thus far less exhausted. I was totally overwhelmed by trying to be good to my body and self, caring for him, and working. My sense of balance and capability was shot for those 2 weeks. I also slept in our bed this week instead of in the baby’s room, which helped. Generally, I’m back to sleeping again – much less insomnia. And I’ve figured out what I can do to mitigate some of my joint pain, including weekly chiropractic, sleeping in a wrist brace, heating my arm and shoulder as often as possible, and both yoga and therapeutic stretching of key muscles in my lower body. I can manage this, even if I can’t get rid of it.

And so I feel a bit more functional. More like me. More in control of my options and choices. It feels good.

On Friday we went out and bought a huge number of groceries. ALL The groceries. 2 carts at BJ’s kind of groceries. And yesterday I started cooking. On round one, I had a date with ziplock freezer bags, and with help from Justin I:

— Broiled a dozen chicken breasts for later chopping/casseroling/freezing
— Put 4 pounds of pork roast in the slow cooker with apple cider, pulled it, and froze it
— Assembled a slow cooker meal of the remaining 2 pounds of pork roast, apples, onions, and sweet potatoes, and froze it
— Made 10 pre-portioned freezer smoothie packs of frozen berries, bananas, and frozen OJ concentrate
— Made and froze two Stromboli – one spinach and cheese, one pepperoni and cheese
— Prepped two freezer-to-slow cooker sweet potato dishes (one designed to be mashed, with apple and pecans, one designed to be cubes, with orange and cranberries)
— Portioned and froze 2 dozen italian sausages bought in bulk


Next steps are staging, cooking, bagging, and aluminum-baking-dish-ing my way through a couple of potato dishes, baked pastas, and rice casseroles, all with as many vegetables as I can shoehorn into each recipe. I’ve been using my “lie down and take a break” time to haunt Pinterest for casserole ideas (the kind that don’t involve Cream Of soups), and it’s been really useful and great fun.

We will eat home-cooked food in March and April. We will not constantly default to pizza delivery. This I vow.

Then we had some friends over for dinner and hangouts, and I made stew, my winter favorite. They brought brownies and ice cream, and I was a seriously happy camper.

Today, though, I’m going to take it easier. Today I pack hospital bags, write down birth preferences, write a quick un-official will, and start catching up on the giant backlog of thank you notes that are haunting me. Most of which can be done with my feet up and a bottle of water in hand, since I’ve been told I have an irritable uterus and any dehydration will exacerbate the Braxton Hicks contractions it causes. (Which aren’t dangerous, but are surely annoying. And I could use less annoyance in my life.) Right now I’m lying in bed in the quiet morning light, with the heated mattress pad on, soothing my aching hip, and TC is wiggling like a champ, while Miles purrs nearby.

Balance. I’m finding some.

Life’s good.

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