So, how’s parenting?

People keep asking me how parenting is going. I don’t really know what to say; she’s a baby. She does baby things. Our life is different now, but only sort of, and it doesn’t surprise me. We’re really happy, and we are doing okay. Gwyneth is awesome. And this is hard as hell.

For me, the hard parts are very self-oriented: I’m tired. I hurt. I’m struggling to manage my time. This morning I wrote, on twitter,

Today it is easier to identify what doesn’t hurt. So far, I’ve come up with “the toes on my right foot”. #ow #musclespasms #hypermobility


Baby monitor running on iPhone. Reached to plug it in, thought “no, shouldn’t jostle the baby”. #tired

And, in reply to another working mom who said it was going to be a long day of working after an early wakeup,

@janeschmidt had similar thoughts re: today’s 5:15 wakeup, and my afternoon of conference calls. *solidarity*

I’m sort of on the edge of idiocy, here, between sleep dep, pain, and obligation. But at the same time, I spent 4 hours with Gwyn last night, chilling on the couch while I binge-watched Arrow and she ate her hands. We played Airplane, and played with her feet, and she sucked on her taggy blanket, and she grinned those giant dimpled grins at me, and Oliver Quinn saved his city in the background. It was awesome, screaming headache, exhaustion, and messy house notwithstanding.

So… Parenthood is pretty much what I expected. Amazing, exhausting, joyous, and painful. The learning curve is steep and super-fun. My baby is awesome. Justin is the spectacular father I knew he would be.

Now I’m going to go make some coffee.

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