The Tiniest Capen

Swaddling and the Halo

One of my favorite baby things has been the Halo SleepSack Swaddle. In childbirth classes and in the hospital they showed us how to do a swaddle with a blanket, and it’s, frankly, not that hard. It’s like wrapping a burrito, but the fillings are less mobile. Three folds, a roll, and you’re good to go. Or sleep. Mostly sleep.

Blanket burrioted tiny baby Pook.

But it’s sometimes precarious; sometimes you pick up a baby who’s wrapped up in perfect burrito style, and they stay burritoed. Sometimes you pick them up and their little arms go wild and free, and they’re wide awake and mad. The Halo? Is made of velcro and magic. Zip ’em in and wrap ’em up and you’re done. Perfect burrito every time, and they stay that way, immobile, fully burritoed, no flailing limbs and no slipping blanket. Just cotton, velcro, and an adorable head popping out of the end of a burrito wrap. And, at least in the case of the Pook, a burritoed baby is a secure, happy, sleepy baby. We liked the burritoed baby, and the Halo made it easier to get there.

The Halo burrito on the days-old Pook

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to write a bunch of short entries about things I loved for the tiny Baby Pook — I originally thought it’d be one entry, but finally realized I’d never have the time for all that in one sitting. So shorter entries it is, and where to start? Well, sadly, the Pook is now 3 and a half months old, and about 25 inches long, and she can’t kick her legs in her Halo anymore. She’s also getting strong enough to bust her arms out the top if she wants to… so our days of swaddling may be coming to an end. Oh, Swaddling, how we loved you. Let me mourn you with a fond remembrance: You helped my baby sleep, and helped her stay asleep because she couldn’t accidentally punch herself in the face like a tiny drunk boxer. You were a good friend, and we will miss you.

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