The Tiniest Capen

bounce bounce bounce

Another of our favorite things is a really simple one: the bouncy seat. So much so that we’ve disassembled it and taken it with us pretty much everywhere we’ve taken Gwyn — it was intended to even go to IL with us, except we ran out of suitcase room. Nothing so consistently makes the Pook as happy as being in the bouncy seat, being bounced. 75% of the time, in fact, we put a foot on the frame, push to start the bouncing, and she grins, and then falls asleep.

*bounce bounce bounce bounce*

One day, as Justin was bouncing her, quietly saying “bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce” to the time of his foot moving the seat, I said to him, “Well, now I know the pace of the rhythm in your head,” because I’d realized he was utterly consistent about the speed at which he bounced the seat. I have no idea if that’s significant to anything else in our lives, consistent across individuals, etc… but it’s certainly true of us. I bounce her at a very particular speed, in a very particular way. Justin has his own. She doesn’t care, really, which one it is.

And this is, as you can see, a very straightforward seat. It’s a hand-me-down Maclaren, and it has no bells. No whistles. No dangling spinning noisemaking toys. No colors. It’s just a seat, on a metal frame. That bounces. And it does the job. Other babies might love other kinds of seats, other parents might want more frills than we prefer. So long as it bounces, I suspect it’ll do the job.

*bounce bounce bounce bounce*

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