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start with breakfast

I’m trying to embrace small goals — small achievable goals — but it’s not an easy path for me to choose to walk. I like big stuff. I like doing shit. I like getting it all done. I like winning on my own terms.

I just don’t have time for getting big shit done. So I have to redefine winning, again, and this time it needs to include smaller chunks of things.

This week’s chunk is to start eating better. I know, from past experience and continuing learning, that I need to eat breakfast at home, I need to make sure I get enough protein and water in my diet, and I need to eat about 500% more vegetables than I default to when left to my own devices. (My own devices like grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, and burritos with extra cheese and sour cream.)

So I’m starting with “eat breakfast at home”, and making sure that I prioritize dinners that better resemble something you’d feed an omnivore, not a carb-and-cheese-ivore.

Because this battle?

It will not fight itself.



    I hear you, though. My body also does a lot better on mostly-protein-and-vegetables, but carbs are the thing that is readily available with no planning. And I hate meal planning. And cooking. So that’s tough.

    I’m finding that spring mix or kale (NOT lettuce mix, that’s crucial) plus random vegetables (I can buy them precut because yes I’m that lazy) plus chickpeas (aw yeah I can ladle them from a can) plus lemon juice & olive oil plus maybe some shaved parmesan is tasty, is food, and is almost lunch. Which is surprising to me, because usually salads do not feel like a meal to me at ALL. But one of those plus yogurt (I can eat it straight from the container. aw yeah) is lunch. And I think it is a lunch I can eat, like 90% of days and be perfectly content. And then I don’t have to think! Which is good because I don’t have much thinking available to allocate to food.

    (and yes, this body is a solid 30 pounds above where it was before I got pregnant. so. you know.)

    So hey, what do you eat for breakfast? Speaking of things where the obvious, easy options are all really carb-y.

  2. Damn, girl! 25 pounds in one day? Whatever you had for breakfast on January 16th — don’t eat that again.

    (kidding! just kidding! I wouldn’t be tracking my weight while growing a baby, either.)


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