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on the eve of a new week

This last week? This was not a good week.

We endured a metric shit-ton of long-distance emotional drama. Gwyn is teething. I’m trying to move through the endless stream of bad news at work with some semblance of grace. I haven’t slept well in, I don’t know, maybe a year? And Justin is currently losing his battle with migraines and sensory and emotional overload.

But tonight, despite losing my co-parent to another vicious bitch of a pain spiral around 4, I successfully made a mushroom-quinoa casserole and packaged it for this week’s lunches, I baked a bunch of chicken tenders for dinner and for sandwiches, I did a load of dishes, and I not only kept my baby alive and relatively happy, I in fact got Gwyn to sleep by myself, half an hour before her usual time (as per our decision that we have to move her bedtime back to about 8, for my sanity), and I’m lying on the couch watching the baby monitor out of the corner of my eye while I surf the web and listen to the Elizabeth Moon’s latest Paksworld novel on audio.

It’s not an ideal life, right now. Some parts of it are, in our own household parlance, totally balls. But it’s a good life, and it’s ours, and it’s full of love even when it’s insane.

Here’s to tomorrow starting a better week.

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