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small luxuries

Today I gave myself a pile of small luxuries.

I blocked off my calendar (defensive calendaring for the win!) and so I have no scheduled meetings today. This makes the rest possible.

So because I had no time I had to be in my office, I didn’t set an alarm, and got up when Gwyn got up, which was about 7:15. After I fed her, I handed her off to Justin for her second sleep, and dressed in workout gear.

And then I spent an hour in the basement, on my yoga mat, listening to an audiobook and moving my body in intentional ways. I did 30  minutes of yoga, mainly focusing on mobility in big muscles and opening my hips and balancing my feet and lower legs. Then I ran through my arm and abs apps — 30 knee pushups, in sets of 5 and 7, 80 crunches in sets of 15ish, and 50 reverse crunches in similar sets, interspersed with the crunches.

Then it was time to feed the baby again, because babies are hobbits and second breakfasts are awesome, and when she was fed, I chilled with Her Cooingness for a half an hour before I got myself ready for work.

I’m wearing new-to-me clothes that fit courtesy of Sarah’s closet, I’m making peace with my postpartum hair, and I have lovely new makeup via Karla’s garage sale. Small pleasures.

I put a container of chicken breast and another of mushroom-quinoa casserole into my totebag, made all the simpler by the fact that I had pre-packed both things on Sunday. I made my breakfast (sausage and cheese on toast), I put two oatmeal raisin cookies into another bag, and I made myself a bottle of seltzer in the SodaStream, then packed my Trinity travel mug for coffee at work. Good food easily at hand.

And now I’m at work, at 10:00, which sets me up for my very favorite workday: 10-6. I love 10-6. I am functional and at my most clever and energized from 10-6. Most days, my work requires that I be here at 8 or 9, and that I sit in meetings for much of my day. Not today. Today I get to work 10-6, and I have no meetings, and I am going to knock this to-do list out of the damned park.

Because I gave myself small luxuries. Exercise at my leisure. Small material comforts and vanities. Useful, tasty food. Satisfying working hours.

Because I deserve them. And today I’m also going to earn them. Watch out, endless tedious to-do items. You’re next.

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