The animals, The Tiniest Capen

Everyone go back to sleep

5:00ish: wake up uncomfortable, realize Jack is sleeping on my pillow so I’m curled into some sort of weird “don’t disturb the elderly cat” shape.

5:17: wake from despite-the-cat pose to hear G crying.

5:40: put G back in her crib, fed but awake, and return to my bed.

5:43: hear Jack meowing in the bathroom, asking for water. No.

5:44: Malcolm sticks his face in my face, tail wagging, asking, “is it time to go out?!” No.

5:45: Miles Jumps onto the bed and starts his half-Siamese siren meow, asking for love. I pet him. Gwyn is cooing in her crib.

5:46: Jack shows up, and stalks around the bed, looking for somewhere to lay down, clearly dissatisfied with my head being on my pillow. Malcolm whines and yawns and gives up and lies down. Gwyn is still cooing.

5:47: Gwyn starts crying.

5:48: Gwyn stops crying.

5:49: Gwyn starts crying. I change her diaper, come back to bed, move the cat, and lie her down between us, demanding that Justin “snuggle her into submission”. I reset my alarm for 7, and try again to sleep.




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