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small joys

Things I am happy about right now:
  • I can get a doubleshot cappuccino in my library’s cafe.
  • I got six uninterrupted hours of sleep, with no crying baby and no coughing fits, and when the baby did wake up crying, I was able to get up and tend her without doubling over coughing first.
  • I’m wearing a second pair of pre-baby jeans, and they also fit.
  • I still love Doc Marten oxfords, and have a pair that fit me like a glove.
  • A challenging meeting yesterday ended well for all involved, and I got good feedback this morning.
  • Good friends are making us dinner tonight “and all you have to do is show up and hang out” because I’ve been so sick and they want to do a nice thing.
  • My job is flexible enough that I could hang out in my kitchen and feed Gwyn her breakfast rather than rush off to work.

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