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Visualising is only step one

Last night as I lay in bed, looking at my calendar for today, I decided I’d get up in the morning and get back to exercising. Finally. I visualized it all, to make it easier to realize when I woke up: I’d get up, put on the black cropped yoga pants currently draped over the shoe rack, and my black exercise top, then brush my teeth, fill a water bottle, take a hit off my inhaler, and go downstairs to the exercise room. I’d put on my FiveFingers, do two quick sun salutations, and then move to the treadmill. After 20-30 minutes there, I’d work my arms and shoulders on the heavy bag with practice swords until I hit muscle fatigue. All doable, all satisfying.I felt good about it. I set my alarms.

And then I slept right through them.

Tomorrow I need to be at daycare dropoff at 7:45, so I’m not sure I can make it happen tomorrow morning… but maybe tonight. Or Wednesday. Or tomorrow night.

Because I have this great vision, and it seems a shame to waste it.

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