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the state of things

Things lost in our house right now:

  • Two of my four Lightning cables
  • Justin’s multitool
  • My work keys
  • My wallet
  • The Otterbox for my iPhone
  • Two of our three hairbrushes
  • The pitcher we use to fill the water filter
  • Two of the three new pairs of wool socks I bought myself last month
  • Malcolm’s squeaky frog
  • My big steel mixing bowl

My current office productivity boosters:

  • A State holiday that means hardly any staff are in the building
  • A closed office door
  • Taylor Swift’s new album
  • A Venti cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso

Things I’m shaking off, per Tay:

  • My frustrations about the project I want to control but can’t
  • My feelings of dread about the state of our house (see list of things Lost In It)
  • My bewilderment at the array of contradictory opinions I got about the carpet for the library
  • My generalized exhaustion
  • The fact that a chipmunk family is living in my basement
  • My soul-deep awareness of everything that needs to be vaccumed in our house
  • This nagging feeling that I really do have a head cold but I’m unwilling to admit it
  • My basic set state of anxiety about everything ever

Things I’m holding close:

  • Justin’s graceful and loving reaction to my freakout about the house last night.
  • Taylor Swift makes really good pop music, and I also have the new Miranda Lambert for when I want to change gears.
  • The sweet cuddles and big smile I got from Gwyneth when I woke her for a diaper change and clothes before I took her to daycare.
  • I was only 7 minutes late for my 8 am meeting!
  • The fact that I ate breakfast, packed my lunch, planned my dinner, and am comfortably within my calorie goal while eating well. I got this, yo.
  • This morning’s realization that I never had any muscle pain or strain after my last kettlebell workout. Rock the fuck on, body.
  • My base confidence that I can handle the 51 red flagged items in my email inbox
  • Anticipation of an evening with Michael and Amy, who are coming over for dinner. Cooking is an act of love for me, and I love these people with all my heart.
  • My faith that all of this? It’s all going to work out.
  • My cappuccino.



  1. Jen

    Sometimes you just throw it all up in the air and see where it lands! Hang in there, cousin. Our new norm as mamas appears to be balancing the unbalanceable and finding joy in the process. 🙂


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