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silent night, snowy night

Tonight’s unconventional lullaby was a rewritten Silent Night (rewritten on the fly) because while I love Christmas carols, I’m not a Christian, so singing about virgins and hallelujahs doesn’t really do it for me. Of course, Gwyneth was less than appreciative of my ingenuity; right now when I sing to her, she yells at the top of her lungs and whacks me in the mouth. Justin says it’s a gesture of excitement, but it might just as easily be her way of saying “SHUT IT, MAMA.” Hard to tell.

Silent Night, Jenica’s version:
Silent night, snowy night,
all is calm, all is quiet.
Stars shine down from heavens above,
families sleep in homes full of love.
Sleep in comfort and peace,
Sleep in comfort and peace.

Repeat as necessary.

The other song I sang tonight was another iteration on the Fat Miles song. Tonight’s, I believe, went “Miles the Cat, fell in a vat, so he sat and sat and sat, and that is why he’s fat.” This one is only limited by how many words you can think of that end in “-at”, and is sung to a three beat rhythm, emphasis on the third beat. It’s a masterwork.

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