Merry Christmas

I shared my favorite meal of the year with my daughter. Baby’s first pork tortellini in chicken broth, spinach tortellaci in white sauce, and beef tenderloin.

The little boy I nannied for is 6’8″ and still just as much fun as he was 14 years ago. His sister is a beautiful and kind young woman and I can’t believe I changed her diapers.

My uncle videoed Christmas Eve and day and made me DVDs, since it was Baby G’s first.

Marty and Deb gave me a Nespresso machine.

We got to see April, who is so happy.

My aunts are immovable objects and unstoppable forces and I love them to pieces.

Justin is the best person I’ve ever known, and I’m the one he wants to kiss on Christmas.

The Pook did not fall asleep until 10 tonight, but I still think she’s the best thing ever to walk the planet.

I sang so many lullabies today that my voice has given out.

Gwyn learned to clap, give kisses, do zerberts, and combine multiple consonants while we were in Illinois.

We took family portraits and meeting the photographer and hearing some of his stories was worth the entire experience – and I’m betting the photos are amazing.

I feel proud that I brought my baby to my family, and sad that she won’t have them every day like I did.

I love my life.

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