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These are a few of my favorite things

How about a little gratitude for a weird-ass week?

I have a new coffee machine in my office. It is the best thing ever. It was a gift from Marty and Deb. I am in love.


Today is National Hat Day so I wore my Christmas hat from my mom and my Christmas scarf from Kelly and I was warm and bright and celebrating a random day in January.


I had a Best Buy reward certificate for $20, and on the day I went to their website to spend it, I encountered a great sale on the Misfit Flash, so in the end I got it for $10 and replaced my broken Fitbit. I really really like it, so far. (No live photo because it’s on my bra and you just don’t need to see it.)

I am wearing my knockoff Frye boots — they’re Target brand from a few years ago, but I adore them. They make me happy. Hooray for dress-down days before class is in session!


So that’s my hit of happy for the week. I hope you can find your own small joys.

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