The animals, The Tiniest Capen

Commander G

Today’s family storytelling during bathtime was thus:


There is a spaceship. It’s run by Commander G. Her first officer is Malcolm (steadfast and true). Miles is her fat but effective quartermaster (need to make sure there’s plenty to eat). Jack is the cranky yet wizardly mechanic (and his white coat is always filthy). Rocket Raccoon is head of security (because Rocket, duh). Phil the quadropus is astrogator (because I think he’s an alien, so he should be good at this stuff). Blue Dog is ship’s counselor (listening to everyone’s whispered secrets).

Justin said he’s the ship’s AI. I agree, and silently add that he’s also the tactical officer.

I said I was Queen. My husband smirks at me and asks, “Why Queen?”
“I think I’m always the Queen.”
“Why not President?”
“Because this is NOT a democracy.”

The end.

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