The Tiniest Capen

on the nose

IMG_3802So far today I’ve been woken up in the wee hours by a restless squirmy near-toddler, fallen back asleep and had weird-ass dreams about a virtual reality game involving robots in which people had to cut off their heads in order to play it (but the heads could be reattached, never fear), woken up again and had same near-toddler headbutt me in the nose hard enough to produce a shout from me in the pre-dawn light, had same near-toddler then backhand elbow punch me in the same place across the bridge of the nose, groaned and agreed to get up with the near-toddler who we had to admit had fully woken up at least 90 minutes early on a Sunday, had same near-toddler throw half her breakfast on the floor (but eat it when I returned it to her tray, 5 second rule, yo), cleaned up cat vomit, managed to make and eat a breakfast sandwich (which felt like a miracle), and watched as the near-toddler gleefully demolished the tidy living room.


And it’s only 8:14.


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