I got a reimbursement for travel expenses at the end of last week, and so when Justin casually suggested I should stop at the outlets in Lake George as we drove past them… I pulled a hard right and did.

An hour later…

  • Banana Republic to buy me a sweater, two work tshirts, and a satin-edged camisole.
  • Timberland to buy him a two wool sweaters and a hooded sweatshirt.
  • Gymboree to buy Gwyneth a pair of jammies, two tshirts, and two pairs of soft cotton shorts for summer.
  • Corningware for glass storage containers with lids, a baking dish, and a few mini bread loaf pans.
  • Coleman for gear for our propane stove.

Bye bye, reimbursement check! It was fun!

More than anything, though, it was a good reminder for me of how much we don’t need. Of how much we have. Of the fact that everything we bought was a luxury, because we desired it and could see some way it would improve our quality of life — but not in needful ways, just pleasurable ones.

I’m a lucky woman.

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