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Gwyneth Feeds Her Friends

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Gwyneth, and she and her friend Blue Dog decided they were going to become Master Chefs. They put on their aprons and their poofy hats, and they marched into the kitchen. They were standing in the middle of the kitchen, whisks and bowls in hand, trying to decide what to cook to demonstrate that they were, in fact, Master Chefs, when Max C. Bear walked in.

“Hi, Max, we’re being Master Chefs. What would you like to eat today?” Gwyn asked.

“Honey! I like honey!” Max answered.

Gwyn said, “Well, we have honey right here!” and gave the jar to Max, who started dipping his paw in, and licking the honey off with glee. Gwyn and Blue went back to thinking, and then Bedtime Bear walked in.

“Bedtime Bear, what would YOU like to eat? We’re becoming Master Chefs, so we’ll make you anything you want,” Gwyn promised.

“Well, my favorite thing to eat is maple syrup,” he suggested, in his quiet way.

No problem, thought Gwyn, we always have that… and so she gave him a jug of syrup, which he began to sip with a straw.

“Now, Blue, what shall we feed our friends?” Gwyn asked.

“How about cheddar bunnies?” asked a new voice. Gwyn turned to Phil, who had just walked into the kitchen, and said, “OK, we can have some cheddar bunnies!” and gave a bag to Phil, who sat down between the bears and started munching.

Just as Gwyn turned around, Millie the Giraffe walked in. “Ooh, snacktime! Can I have some broccoli?” Gwyn knew there was broccoli leftover from last night’s dinner, so gave her that, and Millie sat down on Max’s other side.

As Gwyn reached for her bowl and whisk, BunBun hopped in. “BunBun, what would YOU like to eat? We’re trying to be Master Chefs, and you’re next!” Gwyn was really hoping BunBun would want something that would prove she was a Master… but BunBun’s answer wasn’t what she was hoping for.

“Celery, please! Good crunchy leafy stuff.” Gwyn sighed as she gave the celery from the refrigerator to BunBun, and stood, looking a little downtrodden, surrounded by a circle of her friends, all munching on the snacks she’d given them. Not one of them had asked for anything that would prove she was a Master!

Just then Mama came into the kitchen, and saw Gwyn and Blue looking sad. She looked at the bears with their sweet treats, and Phil with his crunchy crackers, and Millie chomping on broccoli, and BunBun nibbling celery, and said, “What’s wrong, Sweetest? You look sad.”

Gwyn explained her problem. “…and I wanted to prove I was a Master and all they wanted was easy stuff!”

“Oh, baby, don’t you see? You gave your friends exactly what they wanted, and they’re all happy. That sounds like exactly the thing a Master Chef would try to do, doesn’t it? I think you already proved it.” Then she smiled and stroked a hand down Gwyn’s hair. “But if it would make you happy, you can help me make some of your favorite carrot muffins. That’s definitely Master level work.”

Gwyn realized her mama was right. Her friends were happy, and she’d helped. And now she and Mama were going to make muffins, and she’d be happy… a lesson she learned from another Master Chef.

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