Don’t know what I ever did to Tuesday

I didn’t do any dishes before bed last night because I did yoga first, and determined that my low back was not going to tolerate standing at the sink for half an hour, so I went to bed, all pleased to snuggle in and get some sleep.

But then around 11 Gwyneth started screaming, trapped in night terrors. That took an hour to resolve, is totally harder on me than it is on her, and I finally calmed down and fell asleep around 12:30.

So I woke up at 6 with a headache this morning. But that happens, and G woke up happy, so I showered and we got ready for work and daycare respectively. She’s wearing a pink onesie and green cargo pants, so I put on my red riding hood tshirt and cargo pants for my no-meetings day in the office. We match! It made me smile.

Then at 8:02 as I walked her to the car, I fell in the driveway and ripped both knees out of my (new) (favorite) (expensive) EMS cargo pants. I also took a good chunk out of my right knee, which has since bled through the denim on the jeans I put on to replace them.

In my office, there’s a conflict brewing in my email and I don’t even want to read any of the messages because I have shit to do but I value these people and these projects and so I will do what I can.

And Justin had an MRI today for his injured hand, and the MRI triggered a migraine, and he came home to find that Malcolm had pooped in his cage and then he laid down in it.

Since Justin’s hand is injured and he’s recuperating in a dark room and even if I could fully abandon my day I can’t bathe a 100 lb dog who fights the process, I called the groomer who loves Malcolm, but they can’t take him til 2, so poor Mal is hanging in the garage covered in poop for four hours.

And as I stand here in my office I see that again, AGAIN, I forgot to mail Marty’s already-a-week-late birthday card.

And now it’s 10:15 and I don’t even know where my morning went.

Look, Tuesday, I’m done. Enough. Uncle. I’m going to be here, in my office, working. I’m going to write this proposal. I’m going to get through at least half of today’s to-do list. And you are going to hold off on bringing down any more damage. I will handle my shit, and you will do your part to hold the wolves at bay. Okay? Can we agree to that?



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  1. Ken

    I’ve had those mornings. So sorry this time it’s your turn. I hope something goes so right this afternoon that it turns your whole day around. Who knows… it could happen! Look for it. šŸ™‚


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