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3 good things

I read some online listicle about being happy and it recommended reflecting on three good things that happened to you today. I make no promises to myself about doing this every day or even every week, but at least for today, here are three good things that happened this week:

  1. Crumb Library is getting new carpet and paint, and this week they began laying the carpet next to the paint and it looks as good as I hoped it would. I am looking forward to seeing the new life this brings to our spaces.
  2. The Applied Learning team is blowing my mind with their eagerness to participate in our planning process, their energy, and their initiative.
  3. My daughter is an adorable mess of curls, smiles, determination, screams, giggles, smears, tears, sand, chalk, applesauce, cat hair, shouts, and snuggles. She is amazing, and this morning she greeted me by pointing at Miles and saying “Kitty!” and then leaning in and kissing my cheek.

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