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I’m overwhelmed at work (seven. simultaneous. construction. projects), I think my cat is dying (Fat Miles is losing weight rapidly), I just got done doing two back to back family weekends at Camp (hostessing is hard work, yo), I have 13 separate writing projects on my work to do list (and that doesn’t include the book chapters I said I’d write), and I really meant to exercise today (goddammit why is it 9:17?), so…. it’s totally logical that my brain is fixated on whether or not GWC is acquiring language at an appropriate rate. Because that is a situation just as fraught and unknowable and “wait and see” filled as my day job, just as emotionally laden and exhausting as everything else… and so it’s a good target for transference of anxiety.

Except does it really do any good to transfer the anxiety from one section of my brain to another? Does it change anything? Do I feel any better?

Not so much.

Anxiety can bite me.

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  1. Oh, poor kitty 🙁

    (And as you know, there is a ginormous range of normal around language acquisition. Babies in my social circle have followed very visibly different strategies in where to invest their XP, too – the number of skills they need to level up in far exceeds the available XP, so I’ve seen different kids be at very different skill-acquisition points at the same age, while also clearly all gaining XP at about the same rate.)


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