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Not my Miles

Yesterday I received a barrage of emotionally difficult email at work that simultaneously triggered my compassion and my frustration.

This morning I had a series of meetings that made it clear we’re all going to get through that frustration as a team, with compassion.

Last night, when asked, my daughter pointed at the dragon and the horsie and the princess and the knight. Language: Acquiring.

This morning, my cat was described as “riddled with tumors” and “insulin-dependent.”

Ups and downs. Downs and ups.

Miles and I took a nap this afternoon. I cried myself to sleep while he slept against the curve of my belly and thighs, purring. He’s lying on the couch at my hip right now.

I’m not ready. I thought it was going to be Jack, first. I was mentally prepping for Jack.

Not my Miles.

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  1. Bets

    Well you know how sorry I am, and how well I can relate to the illness/demise of a wonderful pet. I worry about their health and longevity, but then I remind myself that the years with them are well worth the emotional roller-coaster they provide us with. I am truly sorry and hope he lives a long(er) time. He’s a sweetie, that’s for sure.


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