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Last night I set my alarm for 6, with a plan to get up, do yoga, shower, and then wash the baking tools and dishes I’d rinsed and left in the sink. It was too hot last night to wash them, but it was supposed to be significantly cooler this morning.

It was, in fact, cooler. What it wasn’t was time for me to get up, because Gwyn was awake and squirmy and babbling, and Miles was purring and MAAAAOOOing and demanding love and so Gwyn was KITTY!ing and demanding to love him — all from 3 am to 5:30, in our bed. At 5:30 when Gwyn finally passed out in the crook of my arm, I said “to hell with it” and turned my alarm off. I got another 90 minutes before I needed to get up and shower, and when I woke up Miles was asleep on my pillow with his paws in my hair, and Gwyn was asleep next to me, with two of her three dogs lined up in the crook of her arm. Symbolic play in her sleep, with Blue Dog and Gladys, but man would I prefer some symbolic play that involved her FALLING ASLEEP DURING THE NIGHTTIME. Good thing she’s just adorable cute and has learned how to say HI in response to a smile from an adult.

Of course, the downside to all of this is that my sleep deficit is growing. I just went to get myself a snack from the vending machine and I paused at the water station — used to fill refillable water bottles for free — and I stood there looking for where to swipe my SUNYcard. Then I mentally shook myself and went over to the vending machines, and thought “I already feel like crap, I shouldn’t eat any sugar” and punched in the number for a Snickers bar because apparently my fingers and my brain aren’t actually connected. Then I got all mad because the seltzer in the machine is black cherry and I hate black cherry it’s the only kind I don’t like… except… wait. No. I love black cherry. It’s black raspberry I hate.

So I have a snickers bar and a seltzer and 200 pages of reading to to review vendor responses to SUNY’s request for information re: ILS migrations, and I’m going to not fall asleep at my desk how?

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  1. Judith Viorst needs to reprise Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and write it for adults. Such convenient shorthand for days like today (I’m having a MONDAY, too).


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