call me later, m’kay?

I answered an UNKNOWN call just now, knowing it was a political ask from some Democrat, just so they’d stop calling for a while.

“This is Jenica.”

“blah blah blah Hillary Clinton blah blah blah blahtiddy blah blah. Would you be comfortable giving at that $250 level today, Ms. Rogers?”

“Not today, no. I’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders in the primary, because his platform is more in line with my beliefs. But if he loses to Hillary, I’ll vote for her in the general election. So why don’t you get back to me then?”

“blah blah blah you know how important early  money is to a campaign–”

“Which is why I’m giving my early money to Bernie Sanders.”

“blah blah blah and it doesn’t appear he’s likely to win, ma’am.”

“So why don’t you call me back if it turns out you’re right?”

“*sigh* Okay.”


I wonder how long before they call back again?

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