Halloween recharge

A few weeks before his birthday, I asked Justin what he wanted. He didn’t know. Later, we were talking about Halloween and he said he knew what he wanted. He wanted a night at a hotel on Halloween, an overnight babysitter, and to go out with his wife in costume.
Totally doable. And OH SO WORTH IT. 
So we took Gwyneth to trick or treat at the dorms on campus in the afternoon with Suzy and Liam, and then we came home and painted me blue. As you do. Watch the Agincourt website for a more detailed post on that. Justin put in his vampire teeth and a button up shirt and pulled his hair down over a masquerade mask, and I had a sexy vampire husband. I put on a black Renn dress, purple bodice from a former character’s gear, a bunch of accessories that we bought at the Halloween store and from my jewelry hoard – and my black wig. I have the best black wig. And we were off. 

Gwyneth stayed with Kyle, and so far they appear not to have killed each other. So that’s good. 🙂

Justin and I went and met Michael and Amy at McDuff’s and had a great dinner and beers, then walked down to Maxfields. When we were happy and felt done, we went back to our hotel. De-blueing only took about 10 minutes, and then I slept. All night. Into the morning. Past dawn. With my husband. And not my toddler. 

I did 20 laps in the hotel pool. I took a shower. I ate a donut. Now we’re going to go get lunch, and some groceries, and then go home to the family. I’m making steaks for dinner as a thank you to Kyle. 

Because this was an awesome recharge, and I needed it. 

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