The Tiniest Capen

Conquering bedtime

Last night I committed to just spending one on one time with Gwyn before bedtime, with no agenda and no rushing and minimal NOing. After we did teeth and jammies and diaper, I shut the door, turned on her noise machine, lowered the lights, and let her play in her room on her terms. I sat on her bed surrounded by books, flipping idly through them (fortunately for me she has great books of fables and fairy tales and myths), and she played. When she wanted my attention, she came over and took my glasses off — she’s realized that if I’m wearing glasses, I’m not paying attention to her. Smart kiddo. She stacked blocks, and asked for my help. She played with her matching game tiles, and asked for me to play with her. We read some stories. She talked to Blue Dog. And then when she started to slow down I shut off the lights and suggested she should lie down with me. She wandered around for a while, and then she did.

There was very, very little crying. I sang a whole lot of songs to her – at her request – after she chose to come to bed, but that was nice rather than hard.

And then we slept.

I woke up around 3 and realized I was still in her bed and still wearing jeans and a tank top, and I had a tiny little butt in my face because she decided to sleep in child’s pose with her head pointed toward my feet…

There are worse ways to pass a night.

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