The Tiniest Capen

Things Gwyneth…

Things Gwyneth Does Not Want Today:

  1. Ponytails
  2. Hairbrushings
  3. Barrettes
  4. Naps
  5. Her eggs
  6. Her sausage
  7. Her socks and shoes
  8. Steve to hide from her
  9. Broken crayons
  10. Advil

Things Gwyneth Does Want Today:

  1. Her hair out of her eyes
  2. Snuggles
  3. Daddy
  4. My omelette
  5. My bacon
  6. To go outside
  7. Daddy
  8. To hug Steve very tightly
  9. To put the crayon she just broke back together somehow
  10. Her mouth to stop hurting
  11. Daddy

It ain’t easy being a toddler. 

So, given all of the above, today we have:

  1. Gone out for breakfast and shared our respective eggs, and charmed the waitress. 
  2. Compromised (by maternal force) on a ponytail and no hair clip. 
  3. Brought me my boots while also fleeing the room at the mention of her boots. After the booting, we went outside and she was mightily inconvenienced by the lack of a water table and sandbox. It was 29F. 
  4. Expressed grave disappointment that daddy was not outside. (He was at Walmart with Kyle.)
  5. Chased Steve a lot, stomping her feet in irritation at his ability to escape the full body hugging. 
  6. Colored. The broken brown crayon was THE WORST. I drew a family picture with it to make it less horrid. 
  7. Also advil, because teething. 

I somehow have also managed to start sorting mail, cleaned off the outside of the fridge and put up new family photos for G, framed some pics for her room, did some online chores, and started cleaning off the kitchen table and its week of mail. 

And now she naps, and I face the eternal question: steal productivity, or steal sleep?

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