insert emoticon here, The Tiniest Capen

My kid. 

My kid. MY kid. 
Tonight she rejected the idea of pajamas in its entirety. I stripped off her clothes and diaper and she was hot – she had been wearing layers, and boots, and playing/running/climbing – and so she wiggled away from me and crawled into her bed naked, tucked her blankets around her, and closed her eyes. 

I put a diaper on her, regardless, and snuggled her into her down blanket without much commentary. Because I remember. 

One of my earliest memories is of finding nightgowns annoying. Of being frustrated that I had to wear pajamas at sleepovers when a pair of underpants was so much more comfortable. 

So I get it, kid. I really do. 

And then after some stories and some snuggles and some stretching out starfish-like, she fell asleep. On her belly, left leg pulled up to her chest. 

As I have always done. 

I get it, kid. 


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