The Tiniest Capen

Tonight, Gwyneth

Was totally your drunk friend at bedtime. Was super pissed that I couldn’t reassemble her crayon. 

Brushed mama’s hair with the cat brush. 

Refused to wear clothes, but happily paraded around the house in a diaper, sneakers, flowered hair clip, and a bracelet on each arm. 

Ate a lot of grilled cheese sandwich.

Refused the straw part of her Sippy cup and drank from the cup like a real human instead. 

Gave me a kiss when I asked for one. 

Sighed and pouted when I asked her to wait for me while I got the laundry from the basement. 

Was eating her dinner at the counter but when all three adults sat down at the table, she came over and demanded I move out of her usual chair so we could sit together for dinner. 

Started saying things that sound like phrases, even when she hasnt quite got the words yet. 

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