My force awakens…

Cheesy post title brought to you by the audiobook of The Force Awakens. 

This morning at Beast we did straight leg deadlifts. Brendan and I talked about my low back discomfort from the last few weeks, and he made sure I had good form so I didn’t make it worse. And he was right – when you do it right, it doesn’t hurt. Imagine. 

And then when we finished our 15 minute ladder of thrusters, box jumps, and toes-to-bar, he had me lie on a lacrosse ball with my feet on the wall. Holy wow, yo. 

That hurt. 

And it also worked. I came home and spent 20 minutes maneuvering our lacrosse ball around my low back and glutes. 

I feel so much better. Better than I have in weeks. 

And you know what? I didn’t resent my alarm at 5 am. 


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